About Us

About Us

We Provide Outdoor Storage Solutions For All Lifestyles

coastal portable building about us

Everything about Coastal Portable Buildings is focused on getting you the space you need. Our vision, “Buildings For Your Lifestyle”, is resonated company-wide, from our hardworking employees to the quality of products that we bring to your home. We strive to create storage solutions, portable buildings, that you would be proud to call “yours”.


We are always after your satisfaction. Creating a great experience for our customers is our number one priority - whether with regards to the final product you receive, or to how we deliver our service. Every interaction you have with us is geared towards your satisfaction.

Unbeatable Quality

We stand by the quality of our build. Every cabin, shed or building that is manufactured at our plant is subjected to rigorous evaluation standards. Our materials are sourced locally, and everything from design to production is based here in the US. We love our products and we're sure you'll love them too.

Our Mission & Vision

Our goal for Coastal Portable Buildings is to become a lifestyle brand that not only fills a need to suit our client's lifestyles, but to become an integral part of the storage space and portable building community. We love what we do that we've made our products highly accessible, customizable, and of the highest quality to anyone who needs it.

Our Product Guarantee

We are your solid, quality choice for portable buildings. In fact, we believe in the quality of every product we put out that we provide a 5-year structural warranty on all our buildings (excludes contents and finishes). Our commitment to quality is serious, we only want the best for you and we strive to show that both in product and in service.

Durable, Customizable, Quality Build

One-of-a-kind or ready made, our portable buildings are built to last you a lifetime. Our standard features showcase premium elements that you need to preserve your space. And apart from longevity, we can customize your buildings to fit your lifestyle and needs. 


Our buildings come in your choice of pre-finished wood siding with sturdy metal or shingle roofing. All are built on pressure treated runners and floor joists with LP Smartsiding with smart guard for termite and pest control. 


We are open to accommodating your requests – we have a variety of options and accessories available for you to choose from to bring your dream space to life.

Check out our product features and options below:


“At first glance I could tell these buildings were the best quality I had seen thus far. They not only are built well but also the appearance is far superior over other brands in the market. Everything I experienced after walking onto the sales lot, from friendliness and knowledge of the salesperson, to ease of shopping and ordering the building, delivery and set up, and follow up from the company, I would highly recommend to friends and neighbors.”

Mr and Mrs John K
    Mr and Mrs John K

    "They were great to work with. The administrative staff was super friendly as were the builders. My building was large so they had to build it onsite. The guys were very friendly and knowledgeable. The building is well built and looks great. I highly recommend them! Here are some pictures as it was being built."

    Kenyon Langford
      Kenyon Langford

      "The entire process, from placing a custom-built order and then adding windows before construction, along with the two delivery guys were all very professional, timely, and a pleasure to purchase. After the set up, we had a strong rain for about 30 minutes, and to quote Johnny Bench, there was no "runs, drips, or errors." My wife and I are extremely pleased with our shed which will be used to store all our inside Christams decoration boxes and this 10' X 12' shed will be full."

      James Kramer
        James Kramer

        Stop Dreaming, Start Building!

        Let’s get to it! We’re ready to start on your project – all we need is your go signal. You can visit our available locations to view our inventory for pre-made storage buildings, or you can also customize and design your own! Rent-to-own and CASH deals are available for you to grab today!